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Use those after-school hours to do something amazing. 

To Register for Fall STEAM Programs:

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Art Classes

Students in Grades 3-6 Thursday's 5:15-6:15, $50 per month        Students in Grades 7-12   Monday's 5:15-6:15, $50 per month

Students learn a variety of art techniques, how to use a wide range of materials and practice essential art movements.  Participating students have the opportunity to display their work at the annual Pampa Art Festival!  This class is facilitated by our very own local, professional artist,  Shawn Taylor!  

To Register for Fall STEAM Programs:


Explore Robotics

Students in Grades 3-5

Wednesday's 4:15-5:15, $50 per month

Students join the global FIRST robotics community, and use the Lego Spike Essentials system to build and program their own robots.  They'll learn how to design and implement their own solutions to problems and collaborate just like real engineers.  


Tech Challenge Robotics

Students in Grades 9-12

Tuesday's AND Thursday's 4:15 to 5:15, $100 per month

Students join the global FIRST robotics community, and they move past Lego to construct more advanced metal machines.  The programming is also more challenging and the game more sophisticated.  In this competition, your students are breaking into new territory in their journey to becoming engineers! 



Students in Grades 3-12 

We're raising up the next generation of real-world problem-solvers.  These students begin honing the collaboration, problem-solving and technical skills necessary for future success!   

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