Home School Support (Weekly Science Program, Grades 2 - 8)


For a home school parent, "doing science right" can be challenging because labs and activities often require copious amounts of time, energy and money.  It's our pleasure to prepare and facilitate those experiences for your student at The Well!


2021-2022 School Year

This year, we'll be providing first-class concept explanations and hands-on learning opportunities to supplement the Apologia text: Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology (Notebooking Journal optional).

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Course Structure

At home, your student is working through text and notebooking activities.  In class, we'll present the information in a fun, visual and engaging way.  Then, we'll spend the rest of our time doing lab work and activities in small groups, so that your student gets the hands-on and collaborative experience they need to cement their understanding of the material and advance their interpersonal  skills.

Total Cost  for Both Semesters $175  for the first student in your family,   $150 for each additional student.  Please register by September 1st.  

To Register or for more information Call 806-486-1971 or message us on Facebook!

Last year year's astronomy class!