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Large Group, Small Group and Individual Classes


Large Group Weekly Meetings

Monday Afternoons, 12:30 - 1:30, $175

If you've never been a confident writer, it's difficult to know how to lead your kiddo in the right direction.  IEW is an incremental approach to building skills and techniques which turn writing into a truly accessible and enjoyable artform anyone can learn.  We offer 3 levels of IEW, using the texts below.  

Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW)Grades 3-12

IEW Fables, Myths and Fairy Tales.JPG

IEW 101 Text

IEW Ancient History.JPG
IEW Lost Tools of Writing.JPG

IEW 201 Text

Lost Tools of Writing

Monday Afternoons, 1:30 - 2:45, $175 

For a home school parent, "doing science right" can be challenging because labs and activities often require copious amounts of time, energy and money.  It's our pleasure to prepare and facilitate those experiences for your student at The Well.  This year, we'll be providing first-class concept explanations and hands-on learning opportunities to supplement the Apologia text: Earth Science (Notebooking Journal is an optional component for interacting with the textbook at home)

Science Weekly MeetingGrades 3-7

Earth Science Textbook.JPG

Science Textbook

Earth Science Notebooking Journal.JPG
Earth Science Junior Notebooking Journal.JPG



Junior Notebooking Journal

Monday Mornings, 11:00- 12:00, $175 (Grades 3-7)

We'll bring the past to life by telling the stories, sharing images and recreating artifacts from a time long ago.  This year, we'll continue through our study of American History to supplement your at-home study of the Notgrass History text: America the Beautiful (workbook and other supplemental texts are optional).

History, Geography Weekly MeetingsGrades 3-9

America the Beautiful Textbook.JPG

3rd - 8th Grade History Textbook Volume 1

America the Beautiful Workbook 2.JPG
Cartography Textbook.png

3rd - 8th Grade History Textbook Volume 2

9th Grade Geography Textbook

Monday Afternoons, 1:30- 2:45, $175 (Grade 8 - 9)


Small Group Daily Classes

Monday  - Thursday Mornings, $325 per Semester

Sometimes teaching math is just "not your thing."  If you'd rather leave this part of your kiddo's schooling to the professionals, we'd be happy to help!  At the elementary levels, we can flex to the curriculum of your choice, or offer suggestions to match your student's unique learning needs.  For 7th - 8th grades, we use Saxon Math, and for 9th - 12th grades, we use the McGraw Hill series shown below.   

MathGrades 1 -12, 3-8 Students

Saxon 87.jpg
Algebra 1.jpg
Algebra 2.jpg

Monday - Thursday Mornings, $325 per Semester

We take a literature-based approach to teaching language arts.  Great stories capture the imagination of students, and then vocabulary and writing skills can be developed naturally out of the narrative.  To teach phonics, spelling and grammar at the primary levels, we use resources such as Explode the Code and Fix It! Grammar.  At the high school level, we offer full World, British and American literature courses.  

ELAGrades 1-12, 3-8 Students

Explode the Code.JPG
Fix - It Grammar.JPG
Charlotte's Web.JPG
As You Like It.JPG
Great Expectations.JPG

Monday - Thursday Mornings, $325 per Semester

Science at the higher levels can be intimidating, and the lab work impossibly technical.  If you need an experienced teacher to make sure your student is getting the most out of the subject matter and enjoying the hands-on approach science deserves, we can help.  We use the Apologia science texts shown below.  

ScienceGrades 8-12, 3-8 Students

Physical Science.jpg
Anatomy and Physiology.jpg

One-on-One and One-on-Two Support

All Subjects, Flexible scheduling in the afternoons between 1:00 and 4:00, Monday through Thursday, $15 per hour.  

For students who need more intensive help, we can provide a setting which allows for greater focus and fosters a boost in confidence.  Our goal is always to prepare students to thrive in larger-group setting.  

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